Vertical and horizontal mainstreaming (WP6)

After considering the results of the final evaluation, project partners will define how the actions developed and piloted in this project shall be included in their ordinary policies. If the project succeeds in creating an integrated education area, at a small scale, where secondary school titles are mutually recognized and where students mobility is possible, partners will definitely have a strategic interest to enlarge the number of schools involved and to explore ways by which the program can be funded within the ordinary funds for school projects that the majority of the project partners run within their ordinary competences. Additionally, partners will be able to present an interesting practice at local and European level, where individual mobility of secondary school pupils within schools which have previously participated in the Comenius program has recently become a possibility but does not include Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania. Having various Ministries of Education and National Education Institutions in the partnership, makes possible vertical mainstreaming of the KEPASS mobility program at National Level in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania.

KEPASS PROJECT Knowledge Exchange Program in the Adriatic School System via Trieste 29, 34011 Duino (TS) [ITALY]