In Italy

Schools in Italy

AUTONOMOUS REGION FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA / Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia 

Cividale : 

Convitto Nazionale "Paolo Diacono" - Grammar, science, humanities, foreign languages

Gorizia :

Istituto Statale "S. Gregorcic" - Grammar, humanities

Trieste :

Liceo Scientifico Statale "F. Preseren" - Grammar, science, humanities, linguistic, applied sciences

Udine :

Educandato statale "Collegio Uccellis" - Grammar, social and pedagogical study, humanities, miming arts and ballet, new technologies

Liceo "Caterina Percoto" Grammar, science, humanities, foreign languages

REGION MARCHE / Regione Marche

San Benedetto del Tronto :  

Ipssar "F.Buscemi" -  Hotel Hospitality, Catering

Senigaglia :  

Istituto di Istruzione Superiore "Panzini" -  Vocational training in the fields of hotel, tourism and business management

Urbino :  

Istituto di Istruzione Superiore "Raffaello" -  Touristic

KEPASS PROJECT Knowledge Exchange Program in the Adriatic School System via Trieste 29, 34011 Duino (TS) [ITALY]