National Education Institute of the Republic of Slovenia


The National Education Institute is a public body instituted by the Slovenian Ministry of Education and Sport. It has a wide range of competences in the education sector. Its regional branches guarantee a full coverage of the territory and a deeper impact on results. It has become an important factor in the education system’s restructuring process. Together with other competent institutions it has devised new curriculum solutions, developed methods for the successful transfer of modifications into the education system and devised a plan for accompanying the curriculum or programs and new elements into practice. Its staff is highly qualified and it can count on facilities and equipment necessary for the implementation of the activities.

The presence of the local branches and dedicated staff in the Primorska region (Koper and Nova Gorica) will assure close coordination and monitoring of all activities. Their previous experience and continuous involvement in the improvement of the education standards in Slovenia (and in the region in general) will contribute to the full achievement of the objectives. The staff is composed of educational experts and teachers with training skills. The organization of the training workshop for the school directors will confirm the expertise of the staff in professional development seminars which are regularly held by the Institute. The mainstreaming and the follow-up of the project activities in Slovenia will be implemented through the institutional activities of the Institute.

The Institute will contribute to the maximum involvement of the Slovenian secondary schools and students in the Kepass program. The training session for the principals of the accrediting schools will be held in Slovenia under the coordination of the Institute. Additionally the Institute will organise a Decision Makers Committee. Their leading role in the National Reform of Secondary Education's Diploma (Matura) makes them a particularly experienced partner for the definition of the "accrediting" system and for defining the criteria for schools' upgrade and internationalization of the school curriculum.

KEPASS PROJECT Knowledge Exchange Program in the Adriatic School System via Trieste 29, 34011 Duino (TS) [ITALY]