Ministry of Education of the Hercegovina-Neretva Canton (BIH)

Ministry of Education of the Hercegovina-Neretva Canton (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

The Ministry provides advisors and guidelines for the organization of educational / training activities. All the local secondary schools are under the coordination of the Ministry in terms of teaching plans and additional activities.

The Ministry of education of the HN Canton has administrative capacity to implement the project activities as well as the competences covering all the secondary schools of the HN Canton. The Ministry will be able to count on international experts of the United World College in Mostar. Thanks to UWC Mostars experts, the HN Canton has become a center of teacher training activities for the secondary school teachers of the Balkan countries. The relations they have established with the principals of the secondary schools will contribute to a flawless progress of the activities.

The Ministry of Education of the HN Canton is in charge of WP3 and responsible for the coordination of the activities in their area of competence and monitoring the involvement of the local schools in the project activities. From the institutional point of view the representatives of the Ministry will attend all the Decision makers conferences and contribute to the implementation of the long term goals in the HN Canton. The Ministry will organise Decision Makers Commitee and a Managing Committee Meeting. Hosting so many meetings and all the other project partners representatives, will increase the impact of the project in the area. A teacher training course will also be held in Mostar. This will contribute to a deeper impact on the local teachers and students by increasing the level of awareness and dissemination of the project results.

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