Marche Region

Marche Region – Education, Training, Schooling rights and Audit Unit (Italy)

The Marche Region is an Italian regional public authority. The skills and competences within the Education Unit include the whole field of primary and secondary education, vocational education and training. In fact, the unit is involved in the education rights promotion, supervision of primary and secondary education, university, adult education and monitoring of quality of the teaching processes.. The unit can rely on technical and professional support of the colleagues from the Service for Education,training and employment. Numerous education professionals working on projects within schools will be also involved. The central role of the Region in the Adriatic Ionian Initiative (Headquarters in Ancona) will emphasize the projects outreach goals. The unit has the maximum authority and competence in the field of secondary education.

Marche Region supports networking activities among schools and it fosters international cooperation in the field of education.It has experience of teaching methodologies and laboratory techniques of problem solving. The Marche Region has promoted and implemented courses aimed to increase linguistic and intercultural skills, required not only to improve the skills of the workforce but also essential for social inclusion of secondary school students.They have particular expertise in the training of the touristic operators in the secondary schools. Their experts also carry out monitoring procedures of the teaching process and are fully qualified for the benchmarking activities in the project. All mentioned initiatives are regularly implemented by the staff of the Education Unit with the help of their external experts. The nature of the exchange activities and professional development courses planned by the project match perfectly the competences of the Education Unit in the Marche Region.

The coordination of all the activities taking place in the Marche Region will be coordinated by the Education unit.The Unit will have the responsability of involving the secondary schools of the Region and monitoring the exchange activities. The Marche Region will be in charge of WP 5 and will also coordinate the definition of criteria to assess the competences acquired by students. Being Marche Region a leader of numerous Adriatic integration initiatives, it was chosen as the host of one of the Adriatic Conferences (a key event for the development and final success of the project). The role in the WP6-Mainstraming is also crucial - having the representatives of the Education Unit a vast experience in exchange programmes and in the implementation of the follow-up actions. Their contribution in the mainstreaming will influence other Adriatic regions to adopt similar initiatives in the future.

KEPASS PROJECT Knowledge Exchange Program in the Adriatic School System via Trieste 29, 34011 Duino (TS) [ITALY]