Italian Ministry of Education - Department of Internal Relations

Italian Ministre of Education - General Directorate for International Affairs

The General Directorate for International Affairs of the Italian Ministry of education and research is the highest Italian national authority for all matters related to international cooperation in the field of education. 80 people on staff working in 6 units with mandates covering cooperation programmes with the EU, Council of Europe, OECD, UNESCO and other international organizations, as well as cooperation on bilateral and multilateral terms with specific countries (projects and agreements were signed with more than 20 nations). The Directorate of International Affairs of the Ministry is directly responsible for the international cooperation programmes and it has acted as a self-funding associated partner in a number of international projects not initiated within its own ranks.

The interest in this project showed by the Ministry confirms the potential and the utility of the project idea. The International relations Department of the Ministry will provide overall institutional support to the project and will give specific support in disseminating and exploiting its results. Its presence as an Associate will guarantee mainstreaming of the project results. Being it at the highest state level it is obvious that the educatioanal policies could also be positively influenced by the project activities that will be implemented following a reccommendation of the Department for International affairs in the Ministry of education and research. Even though its Headquarters are in Rome, the Ministry has national competence which includes the Adriatic regions. Decision making and procedural matters for the italian regional educational authorities are very much semplified thanks to the presence of the Ministry in the project.

KEPASS PROJECT Knowledge Exchange Program in the Adriatic School System via Trieste 29, 34011 Duino (TS) [ITALY]