Bureau for Educational Services of Montenegro

Bureai for Education Services (Montenegro)

The Bureau for Education Services is a government institution for monitoring, improvement and evaluation of educational reform processes in general pre-university level of education. The Bureau has research, advisory and development-oriented functions in the reform of the education system. The department for International cooperation conducts the work related to: monitoring and analyzing the international experiences and solutions important for further development of pedagogical practice and organization of work in educational institutions; making contacts and developing cooperation with international educational institutions; supporting the implementation of international projects in which the Bureau participates; analyzing documents and recommendations in the field of education, especially ones significant for the process of EU integrations.

Education experts of the Bureau will implement and monitor all the activities that regard the local schools involved and the students participating in the exchange programme. Their national competence and experience in project implementation in schools in Montenegro is an important added value. The Bureau organizes seminars for school principals and coordinates workshops for the professional development of teachers on a regular basis. The sector for international cooperation deals with communication and relations with the media. This combination of competences will contribute to an efficient development of the project activities. Mainstreaming activities on national level will be implemented thanks to the competence and expertise that the Bureau has in the field of secondary education. The Bureau has excellent relations and professional links with experienced local educational organizations that have specific skills and contacts in the secondary schools.

The Bureau will be responsible for the coordination of the Communication set of activities (WP2).They will create the communication plan the promotional material and coordinate the project on-line platform. In addition to that the Bureau will coordinate the exchange mobility programme in the Montenegrin schools involved in the KEPASS project. The representatives of the Bureau will participate in all the institutional activities planned by the project and contribute in the work of the technical committee. The national competences regarding the teaching plans and programmes will facilitate the implementation of the exchange program for students. Organizing a teachers training event in Montenegro will enable the Bureau to host an international event useful for the promotion of the project on the local level.

KEPASS PROJECT Knowledge Exchange Program in the Adriatic School System via Trieste 29, 34011 Duino (TS) [ITALY]