AULEDA - Local Economic Development Agency in Vlore

AULEDA - Local Economic Development Agency in Vlore (Albania)

AULEDA was founded in 2003 and is a development agency that serves about 300,000 residents of Vlore County in Albania.

Its mission is to provide services and execute initiatives and projects for social, economic, cultural and environmental development of the region of Vlora to spread the Curtural view integration and consolidation of resources, skills and competencies according to the principles of human development.

The main objectives of AULEDA are strengthening and promoting a sustainable and comprehensive development of Vlora District.
It also contributes for the establishment and strengthening of strategies for planning at local level while providing support to regional population, local administration and civil society to promote capacity and increasing of the performance.

The competence of the Agency in the field of development and youth related projects and its networking skills on the local level will help the project reach its objectives and involve the Vlore region. The agency has a series of contacts with local experts in education which can be involved in the tutoring activities.

The agency will be in charge of developing and launching the KEPASS accreditation system in its Region. The institutional representatives will be involved in all the institutional and technical committees. The involved staff will use their already close collaboration on external projects with local schools and their education expertise to give an important contribution to the development of the program and to diffuse it locally. The agency will cooperate with the educational experts from the Directorate for Education of Vlore and will be responsible for the involvevement and support to the local high schools which will be part of the KEPASS accreditation and mobility programme. 

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