Definition of methods and criteria for the mobility program and for recognition (WP3)

KEPASS Project partners will create a technical group that will establish all the criteria for schools’ accreditation in the KEPASS program, define all the technical aspects related with students’ mobility, identify a process for mutual recognition of students mobility within the accredited schools to make it easy for the students to be re-integrated in their schools after benefiting of the mobility programme. The Kepass system will be designed to accredit only schools that manage to give evidence that they deliver excellence, that they teach in more than one language, or that they deliver high quality professional programs. In this way KEPASS will constitute a drive for all the Adriatic schools which want to attract more students and distinguish themselves in their communities. Being accredited in the programme (and therefore be able to send and receive students for a term mobility) could become a goal for many Adriatic schools. Once the conditions to become a “Kepass accredited school” are defined, partners will be able to launch the first Call schools’ accreditation. The Call will consist on a joint Call valid in all the IPA area covered by the partnership. The Call will be in two steps: an initial application based on minimum requirements and a second application prepared with the help of “trainers” and “tutors” as described in WP4. At the end of this WP a first group of KEPASS schools will be accredited.

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